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Former chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports founded the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, helping to make it front page news.

At the League Against Cruel Sports, Eduardo campaigned against proposals to bring back fox-hunting. He also lobbied then environment secretary Michael Gove to increase jail sentences for dog-fighting. It came after a major undercover investigation revealed criminal gangs across Europe were breeding and shipping dogs into the UK for organised fights with prizes of up to £50,000. 

After stepping down from his role in 2018 due to ill-health, he set up the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting to highlight how some of the world’s most endangered species are being killed for sport in their thousands. 

He has gathered cross-party support for a ban on trophy imports, as well as working with newspapers such as the Mirror to put the issue onto the national agenda. 

He is leading an international campaign to close a loophole in international regulations which currently allows trophy hunters to shoot critically endangered wildlife.  With a UK trophy ban imminent, he is also campaigning in The Hague to abolish trophy hunting worldwide by means of an international prohibition treaty. 

Previously, Eduardo set up SOS Lynx, a successful campaign group created to prevent the extinction of the Iberian Lynx. He has also created a wildlife reserve in southern Portugal which was previously a hunting zone.