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Wildlife and plastic pollution campaigner hailed a hero by Chris Packham.

Finlay regularly protests, speaks at events and in the media, and is a powerful voice for the planet. 

He has organised a weekly climate mini-strike at his school in Ullapool, protesting at the gates from 8.45am to 9.30am every Friday. 

In March, he travelled to the European Parliament to lobby politicians over climate change. Finlay, who was one of only three children from the UK to join pupils from countries across the world, said: “I want the people who make decisions over our lives to see this world is dying. I want them to reduce man’s carbon footprint as well as cut back on farming and plastic use.” 

In June, he travelled to Vancouver on an international scholarship to attend the prestigious Ocean Heroes Bootcamp. The three-day event trains young people to be global ambassadors for fighting plastic pollution. 

In his spare time, he also volunteers with local wildlife and marine conservation groups, and takes part in beach cleans. 

Fin’s mum Rachel says: “Finlay is so passionate about trying to persuade people to make a difference to the planet."