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Undercover investigator has exposed some of the most heinous examples of animal abuse around the world for nearly 20 years. 

Rich’s pictures and video footage from inside places such as abattoirs, factories, circuses and livestock markets have been used worldwide by more than 20 international animal protection charities, helping to launch campaigns, change laws and inspire people to take action for animals. 

He has documented animal suffering in 28 countries, providing organisations with key evidence to push for new welfare laws, pursue animal cruelty prosecutions or raise public awareness about the need to treat animals with kindness and respect. 

His many assignments have included infiltrating fur trappers in the USA and monkey breeding farms in Asia, as well as undercover investigations into the meat industry, live exports, ritual slaughter of sheep in Singapore, and the horrific battery farming of rabbits for use in pet food sold in Britain. 

The former leader of Surfers Against Sewage has worked with charities including Compassion in World Farming, Born Free, Humane Society International, Eurogroup for Animals, Cruelty Free International, Four Paws and World Animal Protection. 

Although his work has been widely featured in campaigns and news outlets, he has always remained anonymous to allow him to continue working undercover. His identity can now be revealed as he is giving up undercover work to focus on activism and campaigning. 

Now working with the Veganuary campaign, he also runs a micro-sanctuary for dogs, cats, chickens and ducks he and his partner have rescued from shelters and factory farms.