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Survived horrific ill-treatment in Romania before being rescued from a kill shelter, becoming a therapy dog in the UK. 

Fleur, a Collie cross, was taken from the streets of Bucharest by dog catchers, and after a botched spaying which left her intestines hanging outside her body, was left to die. 

After she was rescued by the Valgrays animal charity, Wendy Morris saw her picture on their website, and instantly decided to adopt her. 

Three weeks after starting her new life in Britain with Wendy and her two other rescue dogs, she fell seriously ill with a rotten bowel. The vet gave her a 1% chance of survival and recommended euthanasia, but Wendy sought a second opinion from specialists at the Royal Veterinary College in Potters Bar. 

After rare and complex surgery, and weeks in intensive care, Fleur made a full recovery. 

She has now become a Pets As Therapy Read2dog, going into primary schools to help children read and communicate. She also visits nursing and residential homes and is an ambassador for rescue dogs. 

Wendy said: “I’m so thankful to everyone who was involved in giving Fleur a chance in life.”