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Founder of anti-puppy farm campaign CARIAD, who has spearheaded changes in the law and makes personal sacrifices to illustrate the plight of farmed dogs.

Linda adopted a golden retriever called Amy in 2009, who had been rescued from a licensed Welsh farm. She had been used for breeding for seven years and was anxious, covered in scars and had undergone surgery to remove nine mammary tumours.

Having seen what puppy farming had done to her pet, Linda joined a protest against a 196-dog farm in Carmarthenshire the following year. It was unsuccessful - but the experience left her determined to keep fighting.

She launched CARIAD (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs) in 2011, with the name taken from the Welsh word for beloved. The campaign aims to end puppy farming in Wales, which produces more puppies than any other part of the UK.

The tireless campaigner has since created a coalition of 29 small Welsh animal charities and lobbied the Welsh government and councils for a successful reduction of staff ratios at these farms from 30 to 20:1.

Linda takes the CARIAD message to events around Wales to educate the public about the trade and the condition of the animals bred there, all legally at present.

Such is her dedication to the cause that in 2012, Linda spent seven days incarcerated in an outbuilding to show the sensory deprivation of puppies in farms, with her experience broadcast live online.

This isn’t her only sacrifice. Her hands-on and vocal approach to improving animal welfare means she has faced death threats and taken great personal risk to secure evidence about poor welfare for the authorities and to animal charities.

Linda, 56, played a key role in the Lucy's Law team, backed by the Daily Mirror, which successfully campaigned to stop the trade in puppies by pet shops and third-party dealers.

She said: “The more we learn about how the system fails these dogs, the more shocking it becomes. It’s like digging up a bone and realising that there’s a whole skeleton in there if you look hard enough.”