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Ever since Victoria discovered how serious the animal welfare situation was in Borneo, she has worked tirelessly to raise money and awareness for stray cats and dogs in the country she’s grown to love. 

After she set up the Cumbrian branch of the charity International Aid For The Protection And Welfare Of Animals (IAPWA), she gave up her job and sold her house so should could volunteer in Borneo for three months.

While there, she set about rescuing strays from the streets and finding them new loving homes. Victoria realised there was an urgent need to control the dog population and heavily encouraged the ‘treat, neuter and return’ policy through awareness talks and visits to local schools.

Thanks to Victoria’s research, the IAPWA met the Government to push for a national neutering project and this resulted in the drafting of new animal welfare laws.

When it comes to raising money, the sky really is the limit. In 2012, Victoria climbed Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia to raise vital funds for IAPWA and last year she battled altitude sickness to complete a charity climb of Kilimanjaro.

When she isn’t organising vegan and animal welfare festivals, she educates local children to ensure the next generation care about animals as much as she does.