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  • 29 June 2016
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From Harrowing to Hero

Lucy the cavalier spent all her life as a breeding dog, never stepping out of her cramped cage. Since being rescued she is now the figurehead of a national campaign in the fight against puppy farming.

Lisa Garner rescued eight-year-old Lucy from a rescue centre who had saved her from a puppy farm in Wales. She had been used as a breeding dog for her whole life and never been out of a dirty confined cage.


Her hips were fused and her back feet touched her front feet from being hunched over in such a small space. She was dangerously underweight; had faeces burnt skin, dry eye and bald patches all over her body. She had never even felt grass beneath her.

Lisa said: “When I first saw Lucy, she was skin and bone and very withdrawn. She was absolutely tiny, weighing only eight pounds. Lucy didn't even resemble the breed. When I first held her, it broke my heart because she just wanted to get down and back into her bed.”

As well as the physical scars of many years of neglect, Lucy was physiologically affected too. She had separation anxiety, a fear of doorways, cowered when you went to pick her up and had an obsession with food, eating like every meal was her last.

Now back to health, Lucy is a leading figurehead in the campaign against puppy farming. Last year she was named Britain's Most Heroic Dog at the National Pet Show in Birmingham and is the star of her own Facebook page and children’s illustrated book. Just this month she was awarded the Hero Award at the ever-popular Dog Fest event

Lisa felt compelled by Lucy’s plight to raise awareness of the puppy farming industry to as many people as possible. When she set up Lucy’s Facebook page to tell her story she had no idea that it would gain over 61,000 likes and become a global talking point.

Spurred on by the interest, Lisa launched two calendars and an illustrated book aimed at primary school children to gently tell them about the joys of rescue animals and the importance of being kind to animals. All proceeds from both projects were donated to awareness campaign groups including Pup Aid and Cariad.

Lucy has transformed into the most amazing dog, she still has some health issues and she is blind in her left eye, but she has a true fighting spirit and enjoys every day. She is a true example of how rescue dogs are the most resilient, courageous dogs; they just need some patience, love and a home to call their own. She is a true ambassador for rescue dogs and the fight against puppy farming.

Follow Lucy here: www.facebook.com/lucytherescuecavalier/

Follow Lucy here: www.facebook.com/lucytherescuecavalier/

Follow Cariad: cariadcampaign.wordpress.com

Follow Pup Aid: www.pupaid.org

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