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  • 04 July 2016
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Reunited by Friendship

Bertie Cheesecake and Soots were abandoned by the roadside in Cyprus at just three weeks old. Luckily for them a kind passerby took them to the Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare Shelter where staff ensure that all animals are taken good care of. Andrea Bell, one of the members of staff at the shelter took pity on the little puppies and took them home to foster alongside her ever growing brood of waifs and strays.

Fast forward a few months and UK based rescuer Helen McGarry put out a plea on her Facebook page for new homes for the boys. When Bertie’s little face appeared in the timeline of the Nicholson family there was no going back. They knew that he had to come home with them to be part of the family. Bertie’s new human 8 year old ‘brother’ Jamie ‘N’ counted down the days to his arrival. He rallied the school and everyone knew about Bertie’s story. One friend in particular, Jamie ‘B’ was on tenterhooks for his arrival and couldn’t wait to meet him. Every day they would meet in the playground to discuss how excited they were.

Bertie arrived in May and quickly became established as the local celebrity, with a queue outside school that rivalled the ice cream van. Then an amazing thing happened. Spurred on by her son’s excitement at the arrival of Bertie, Jamie B’s mum made enquiries about adopting a rescue dog for him. When told about Bertie’s friend Soots she knew that he was the dog for her family. The wheels were put into motion to bring Soots to the UK where he would be living just minutes from Bertie.

Here is their reunion...

Check out the work of Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare Shelter here cyprusanimalwelfare.com

Follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/Paphiakos

Follow Bertie Cheesecake on Facebook www.facebook.com/bertiecheesecake

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