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Holly the whippet came to live with 19-year-old Amy and her family four years ago, after she was rescued from a puppy farm. She had been used as a breeding dog and needed to be nursed back to health. 

Holly had never lived in a house, was severely skinny, with rotten teeth and sores and didn’t know how to play. But she bonded with Amy immediately and the pair quickly became inseparable. If Amy moved to a different room, Holly would follow and when she left the house, the devoted dog would wait near the door for her return.

Amy adored the new member of the family but didn’t have a clue that Holly would be a force of nature when it came to her diabetes. One night, Amy woke up to find Holly jumping on her and snuffling at her face, trying to get her to open her eyes. Amy took her downstairs to let her out but she wouldn’t go.

Holly stayed by Amy’s side, nibbling at her fingers, jumping up and barking softly. Only then did Amy realise she wasn’t feeling well and spotted her dangerously low glucose levels. Today Amy’s family have lost count of the amount of times Holly has sensed something is not right a good few minutes before Amy feels unwell.

Amy’s become more confident, as she trusts Holly to give her a warning if her glucose levels dip, and Amy’s mum can relax knowing her daughter is in very safe paws.