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When two men approached Georgia Bradley on a remote beach while on holiday in Crete, she knew she was in danger. They became aggressive and grabbed her by the arm.

Just as Georgia began to panic, up ran a scruffy black dog, who barked incessantly until the men left. The little stray then stood by her side until they were out of sight. When Georgia went back to her apartment, terrified by the ordeal, the little hero followed her. They had an instant bond.

Georgia and her boyfriend were flying home the next day so she tried in vain to find the special stray a home. When the couple left to go to the airport, they looked back, heartbroken, as the dog ran after the car. Back in the UK, Georgia couldn’t stop thinking about the brave pup. Two weeks later she flew back to Crete, desperate to be reunited with her.

Georgia was amazed to find the stray on the same beach. Georgia paid for vet treatment, got her a passport and, after 21 days in quarantine, she was able to bring her home. She named her Pepper.

Pepper had one final surprise – after a week in the UK she gave birth to six puppies. If her protective behaviour is anything to go by, she’ll make a fantastic mum.