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Fairtrade coffee suppliers Cafeology places a deep-seated respect for nature at the heart of its company.

Growing coffee conventionally damages the environment, as farmers in tropical regions often clear large areas of forest to cultivate crops in the sun, accelerating the growing cycle and increasing yields at the expense of local wildlife habitats.

Inspired to help raise awareness of this issue and create more demand for shade-grown coffee, Cafeology set out in 2014 to source a fully traceable, environmentally friendly coffee for the UK market.

The result is its Bird Friendly coffee, which is organic, Fairtrade and shade-grown. It is also the first coffee to be endorsed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Research shows that while a sunny plantation harbours just 61 species of birds, this number jumps to 243 when coffee is cultivated under a canopy of 10 tree species or more. The birds flourish – and so do the coffee growers. Everyone is a winner.