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Police dog Fuzz helped detain a dangerous and violent man involved in the armed robbery of a moped - refusing to back down even when the suspect struck him over the head with a metal bar.

The German Shepherd was deployed by handler PC Craig Calthorpe to chase and detain the suspect after he dumped the stolen moped and fled on foot.

But as the dog reached him, the man brought out a metal baton and thrashed Fuzz over the head with it. PC Calthorpe heard a loud crack as the weapon made contact, but Fuzz continued undeterred, pursuing the suspect again and biting him on the right arm. Even when the man started punching Fuzz’s muzzle, the dog refused to let go.

As PC Calthorpe caught up, he struggled with the suspect, eventually managing to handcuff him after using his incapacitant spray.

Fuzz, then aged five, was taken to the vet for emergency treatment to his wounds, including a cut under his right eye and heavy bleeding from his left nostril. Thankfully his head injury was not serious and he has made a full recovery.

PC Calthorpe said: “It’s testament to his bravery that he refused to back down even after he was struck, and shows the dedication of our dogs who put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis.”

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of robbery, criminal damage to Fuzz and animal cruelty. Court proceedings in relation to the incident last November in Bromley, Kent, are still ongoing.

Fuzz, who retired this year, joined the Metropolitan Police as a seven-week-old puppy and during his career his dedication and courage has resulted in the arrest of countless criminals who would have otherwise evaded police capture.