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The Staffordshire bull terrier was taken to the RSPCA West Hatch Animal Centre after she was found abandoned.

Her owner didn’t see her true potential – but thankfully kennel supervisor Sue Dicks did.

Sue realised Stella had a good search drive and worked with the Staffie to develop it. Then Stella was placed with handler PC Claire Todd from Gloucester Police, and began her sniffer dog training. She proved to be a natural and picked up everything with ease, completing the six-week course in just four weeks.

Stella is trained to search for drugs, money including sterling and euros, and guns and ammunition. She works alongside the police day or night, hunting out evidence, and has had numerous finds, her largest one being an impressive £25,000 – in cash.

There was a time when Stella walked the streets unloved and unwanted, and now she’s on the streets protecting the general public. She was a diamond in the rough, but now she’s been given the chance to shine bright.