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Crossbreed Miracle was destined for a dog meat restaurant when the truck he was travelling on was intercepted by the Thai animal welfare charity Soi Dog Foundation.

The horrific photo of Miracle hanging from a meat rack went viral around the world.

Scotland-based Amanda Leask spotted Miracle’s photo and was devastated by his plight. Despite already adopting three other dogs from the foundation, she couldn’t resist bringing Miracle home.

Miracle has created a powerful bond with Amanda’s son Kyle. Kyle was born with cerebral palsy, and has been diagnosed with autism. It is incredibly difficult for him to communicate with his family but with Miracle by his side, he’s so much happier.

The special trust between Miracle and Kyle has been recognised at Crufts where Miracle beat 200 other entrants to scoop the prestigious Eukanuba Friends For Life Award. Amanda donated the £1,500 winnings to the Soi Dog Foundation and the Autistic Society. Saving Miracle from certain death gave him the chance to fulfil his real destiny – to be by Kyle’s side.