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Animal welfare officer Hayley works with some of the most vulnerable members of society in her quest to help London’s most distressed and badly-treated cats.

As head of the central London branch’s outreach programme, she shows immense courage and patience, working with members of the public suffering from mental health problems and drug addictions. 

Her role is often similar to a social worker, winning people’s trust so she can help their animals. 

Often the owners and animals she is trying to help live in the most dreadful conditions, with some households having as many 50 cats.

Hayley also works closely with the police and local authorities, assists the RSPCA inspectorate with their jobs, conducts home visits for potential adopters and fosterers and is never too busy to give advice to whoever needs it.

She regularly works late and when there is no space at the RSPCA centre she won’t think twice about taking orphaned kittens home with her and getting up every two hours throughout the night to feed them before going into work the next day.

Hayley is also responsible for trapping feral colonies of cats, neutering them and finding them new, safer homes on farms out in the country. In the last year, her branch has neutered 11,000 cats, preventing thousands of unwanted litters in London. 

She is so passionate about helping animals in need, she also fundraises for the RSPCA in her spare time, recently cycling 152 miles in one day, raising a massive £850 for the charity.