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Julie was first contracted by the RSPCA in 2012. Working in conjunction with the Companion Animals and Learning and Development Departments, she has developed two courses for RSPCA staff: Understanding And Preventing Aggression In Dogs and Understanding, and Meeting The Welfare Needs Of Dogs in RSPCA care.

Both of these courses have helped staff provide for the welfare needs of dogs in their care and ensure that staff know how to interact with dogs in a safe way.

Julie has travelled throughout England and Wales training around 540 animal centre staff and 300 inspectorate staff including national, branch staff and volunteers, inspectors, trainee inspectors, animal welfare officers and animal collection officers. Over the next year, Julie will be developing additional courses on the behaviour and welfare needs of cats and rabbits.

When Julie isn’t clocking up the miles, she frequently shares her knowledge and skills to benefit the welfare of dogs, cats and rabbits in RSPCA care. She provides advice on behaviour enquiries to centres and is on hand for adopters, too. Her assistance with follow-up reports and continued advice often prevents an animal being returned to the RSPCA.

Julie is on hand to offer advice on high-profile cases by giving feedback on the best course of treatment for the animal concerned. She continues to write behaviour and management plans for individual animals to ensure their welfare.

Julie’s is priority is developing a harmonious relationship between any animal and their carer, and her work is animal welfare at its very best.