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This trio risked their lives to save more than 20 rescue dogs trapped inside a burning building, after an arson attack on Manchester Dogs’ Home.

Jason, 41, his nephew Dean, 25, and Jason’s son Danny, 25, leapt into action after noticing thick black smoke billowing out of the rescue centre and hearing the terrified barks of trapped dogs.

The three men, who all live close by, bravely jumped over the home’s fence and raced into a burning building.

They kicked open the kennels to get the dogs out and put leads on the animals to take them outside to safety, where they tied them to a fence in the car park before going back in to get more out - rescuing more than 20 in total.

At least 60 dogs died in the suspected arson attack, but the figure would have been much higher if not for the bravery of Jason, Dean and Danny.

Jason said: ‘We ran over instantly, jumped over the fences and starting kicking the cages open, pulling the dogs out two at a time. My son ran to reception to grab all the leads so we could use them to tie the dogs up – we tied them to the fence in the car park. The ceiling was collapsing in and windows were popping left, right and centre.”

The home, which was set up in 1893 and was home to 400 unwanted or rescued dogs, was completely destroyed in the fire in September.