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Dr Marc regularly appears on TV giving advice and uses his large social media following to promote responsible pet ownership. His biggest animal welfare campaign to date is against puppy farming – the battery breeding of puppies to be sold on to unsuspecting buyers through pet shops, online, in free newspaper adverts and private sales.

Five years ago he created the PupAid campaign, an annual fun dog show to raise awareness about puppy farming. The movement has many supporters including celebrities Ricky Gervais, Brian May, Peter Egan and Liam Gallagher. Its aim is to educate the public about the best way to choose a dog when buying or adopting.

Marc has also campaigned in parliament, and launched an e-petition to ban the sale of young puppies and kittens whose mothers were absent, which secured more than 105,000 signatures.

His philanthropy as a vet has extended to volunteering abroad. He has assisted Welfare Stray Dogs India in the slums of Mumbai, rescued animals after the Thailand tsunami and has worked in the Amazon and the West Bank. He also visited the Moon Bear sanctuary in China with Animals Asia.

Back in the UK he volunteers as a Kennel Club independent advisor, and assisting Crisis UK to help homeless people’s pets at Christmas. He also works alongside charities including Hearing Dogs, Dogs Trust, Mayhew Animal Home, National Pet Month, the Wet Nose Awards, Scrufts and Four Paws.

Marc’s passionate about protecting animals from every walk of life. Who better could they have on their side?