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Janey Lowes

Janey Lowes gave up her job in England to set up a charity to treat sick and injured street dogs, cats and monkeys in Sri Lanka.

janey lowesJaney was so moved by the plight of the animals she saw on holiday in Sri Lanka in 2014, that upon her return, she immediately pledged to go back and help them.

She set up a charity, WECare Worldwide, which treats sick and injured dogs, neuters and vaccinates them and provides education on animal welfare to the local population.

In 2015 Janey and her team neutered almost 900 dogs and cats, vaccinated more than 1,300 dogs, cats and monkeys against rabies and treated more than 400 sick and injured animals.

This year she became the first vet to receive a Points of Light award – an accolade given by the Prime Minister to volunteers who make positive changes in their community.

David Cameron said: “She has undoubtedly changed the fate of scores of vulnerable animals by protecting them from disease and providing much needed care.

“I am recognising Janey as a Point of Light, not only for the positive impact she’s had through helping animals in need, but also for the countless people that will have been protected from rabies by her work.”