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Genevieve is a teenager dedicated to helping animals, and she’s doing everything in her power to help charities devoted to animal welfare. 

After reading about puppy farms in Wales, Genevieve became very concerned about the welfare of the dogs and contacted the Many Tears Animal Rescue centre to ask what she could do to help. They told her they were in urgent need of blankets, coats, dog food, toys and collars – so she rallied her classmates to do what they could.

Genevieve then persuaded her mum to drive four hours to Wales to deliver the donations, and spent time helping with socialising, grooming, walking and cleaning out at the centre. The money she raised also went towards providing a vital heart operation for one of their rescue dogs. Before working with dogs, Genevieve was shy and awkward and her dyslexia and dyspraxia made it hard to fit in at school.

Now she feels more confident and is passionate about her cause. She volunteers at the RSPCA in Lockwood and at Miller’s Ark Farm where she assists in animal handling, grooming, mucking out and keeping baby donkeys warm with blankets. Genevieve goes on mobile visits with the farm, to work with children and young adults who benefit from animal therapy.

The inspirational young lady is constantly fundraising for animal charities and had been awarded the Good Citizen Award. The animals who have benefitted from her support would surely agree that Genevieve has more than earned her praise.