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When a stranded porpoise washed up on the beach near Jordan’s home, he and his friends battled desperately to save the mammal.  

When the council didn’t offer any practical help, Jordan was so frustrated that he contacted the British Divers Marine Life Rescue to ask what ways he could help if it happened again.
They suggested he helped them to raise awareness of the lifesaving poster they created to give vital information and contact information in emergency situations.
So Jordan contacted every coastal council area that he could and persuaded them to display the poster. His persistence resulted in the poster appearing nationwide across the UK – but Jordan wasn’t finished yet. When he found out that the poster could not be used in Guernsey, because it is a separate government state, he designed his own version for them to use – to which they happily agreed. Jordan now works alongside the National SeaWatch Foundation to help out with whale and dolphin watches and regularly checks the area for any dangers. He’s also shadows the Lincolnshire coastal ranger to learn as much about the role as possible. Jordan is the worthy winner of the John Muir Conserver Award and is only the second person in Lincolnshire to receive a Nature Ranger Award from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Jordan’s evident passion for the natural world and his ability to create change means he has a very bright future ahead of him.