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Tol hasn’t had the easiest starts in life, as he’s had to fight an aggressive form of leukaemia for three years. But this hasn’t stopped him from wanting to help others.  

He is one of the youngest members of Newfound Friends, an organisation that uses Newfoundland dogs to help charity fundraising.
Tol was helped along his cancer journey with a Newfoundland called Atraya by his side. The two-year-old dog came to live with Tol as a puppy and the pair struck up an immediate friendship. The dog was there for him through his treatments, gave him the strength to carry on and their incredible bond of trust means Atraya even helped Tol learn how to swim.
Tol, now in remission, is under the care of Bristol Children’s Hospital and he wanted to raise money to help the other children on the ward. Tol has completed charity events and fundraising activities, and he takes part in water safety days to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in rivers, lakes and disused quarries – with Atraya close by. That’s one very special relationship indeed.