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Lucy Gavaghan

Inspired 280,000 people to support her campaign to stop a supermarket selling eggs from caged hens.

lucy gavaghanWhen Lucy, 14, discovered that Tesco was selling eggs from caged hens, she started writing letters to stores. When that wasn’t successful, she was not put off, and started a Change.org petition, which has now been signed by 280,000 people.

Lucy, from Sheffield, said: “I thought that a petition may be able to create the impact needed to make a company like Tesco change their ways. I think that animal welfare and commercial treatment is a really important issue and I know that many others share this view.”

Lucy has five hens of her own, including two who used to live in commercial barns, and one that was rescued from a cage.

Battery cages have been banned by the EU since 2012, but Tesco sells eggs from hens kept in “enriched cages”, which still only allow a each hen floorspace equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper.

In July, Lucy’s campaign persuaded Tesco to change their policy, and they have announced they will stop selling eggs from caged hens by 2020.

She said: “The petition to Tesco is a first step to achieving higher welfare standards for all hens. I have been amazed at the amount of support the petition has had, and the amount of signatures it has gathered in the short time it has been online.”